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Friday, February 22

Fun With Fashion in Jane Austen Film Adapatations

Stuck indoors because of poor weather? You can pass the time by dressing up Lizzy and Mr. Darcy at Stardoll. (Click top right button to play in full size.)

Several costumes from Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Sense and Sensibility were featured in a 2005 film costume exhibition in Huntsville, Alabama. Find several close-ups of Miss Bingley's and Mrs. Hurst's gowns in 1995 P&P in this link, and a few more gowns from that film at this Fashion Museum site. In addition, Anne at has assembled an extensive list of images of Lizzy Bennet's gowns.

To understand how movie costumes are made, click here to read "Star Stylist", an interview with Jacqueline Durran, the costume designer for Pride and Prejudice 05, and here for a second interview with Ms. Durran titled "How I Undressed Mr. Darcy."

Andrea Galer, designer of ITV's Persuasion costumes, discusses her work and exhibit at The Jane Austen Centre. The Centre also links to an article about Pride and Prejudice 1995, which quotes Jennifer Ehle as saying, ""There was one little dress that I used to wear a lot--just as today you would pull on a favorite pair of Levi’s or a well worn T-shirt", she says, "You don’t often get the chance to have a choice like that, and I was very grateful. My daily mix and match became part of the pleasure of making the series."

In an appropriately titled article, Dressing the Part: Costumes in Three Jane Austen Film Adapatations, costumer Jennie Chancey examines the fashions created for these films. On her website, milliner Louise MacDonald describes the beautiful hats she created for several Jane Austen film adaptations, including Lizzy's darling wedding bonnet.

Step into Brielle's Wardrobe features period film costumes in quite some detail. The blog's author creates custom-made gowns for her customers.

At the risk of seeming too way out in left field, here's a fun makeover game: Giving Anne Hathaway a hair and facial makeover. Just for the fun of it, I gave Anne red hair and purple lipstick.

If you haven't exhausted your curiosity about regency fashion yet, enter Jane Austen's World to read my recent post about regency bonnets. Click here.

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