Tuesday, June 14

The Hats at the Royal Ascot Races, 2011

Queen Anne first saw the potential for a racecourse at Ascot, then called East Cote. Whilst out riding in 1711, she came upon an area of open heath, not far from Windsor Castle, that looked an ideal place for “horses to gallop at full stretch”. The first race meeting held at Ascot took place on Saturday 11 August 1711. Her Majesty’s Plate, worth 100 guineas and open to any horse, mare or gelding over the age of six, was the inaugural event. - Ascot Racecourse
Royal Ascot, 2011
I have been fascinated by the hats worn at the Royal Ascot races since I saw Cecil Beaton's creations for My Fair Lady. Who can forget Eliza Doolittle's fabulous faux pas? "Come on, Dover, move yer bloomin' arse!"
The incomparable Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle
This year's hats are fascinating as always, starting with this Marie Antoinette-like creation:
Anneka Tanakas Svenka in a Louise Mariette head piece

More Anneka

Just can't get enough of Anneka

Belinda Stradwick, dahlings

Isabelle Kristiensen

Incredible peacock hat

More peacock hat

Mrs Florence Claridge in Daisy Hat

Veronica Veronina in a Victoria Grant hat

Tracy Rose in a windmill hat

Another view of Tracy

Spot the bird

Wooden sticks and horses

Pink butterfly hat

Pink rose hat

Classic car

Milliner David Shilling

Trio of hats

Julian Fellowes (script writer of Downton Abbey) and wife Emma Joy Kitchener

Daffodil hat



  1. I must say, I am loving the Victoria Grant hat!

  2. What fun! My hats are so tame, I'd definitely have to shop for Ascot. Perhaps the daffodil. I'd be so busy packing the proper picnic hamper, I'd probably forget my hat!

  3. Thanks for your input, ladies. I am in love with that peacock hat!

  4. The hat that I had admired right away was the one worn by Ms. Kristiensen since it reminded me of Audrey's style from My Fair Lady! I also noticed that Mrs Florence Claridge has worn quite a few standouts in the past! She could never be accused of being a wallflower!

  5. jennifer6/15/2011

    LOVE this post - wonderful pix - thank you!

  6. Some of those hats belong in the theater of the Absurd ! I would wear Emma Joy's hat in a moment...lovely !!!

    Nothing can top the Eliza Doolittle hat in "My Fair Lady" The WOMAN wearing the hat, not the HAT wearing the woman is my style !