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Wednesday, August 30

On Joining the Select Group of Janeites

Janeites have one thing in common: a love for Jane Austen. I found this online definition of a Janeite:
A Jane Austen enthusiast. The word Janean is also used, though primarily as an adjective. Austenian, now much rarer, seems to have been more common in the past. FWIW, in 1927 the TLS recommended a new edition of JEAL's Memoir (for editor Robert Chapman's enumeration of JA's letters and manuscripts) as ``mak[ing] it necessary to the complete Austenian....''

Web links to Jane sites:

  1. The Jane Austen Center in Bath, which one of the best sites I have seen thus far.
  2. The Jane Austen Society of North America offers Persuasions, an online journal.
  3. provides a good starting point for people interested in Jane Austen
  4. Jane Austen House and Museum
  5. The Jane Austen Society of Australia provides a rich resource of links.
  6. Jane Austen, biography and links on Brandeis University website.

Links to Blogs or discussion groups about Jane:

  1. Jane Austen by Alicia M on Squidoo.
  2. Austensorium created by Justine Renton from Washington (state?).
  3. Jane in Color describes her blog as one black woman's fascination with all things Austen.
  4. AustenBlog created by a group of Janeites who are influenced by movies and television series of Jane's work, books about Jane, and books and stories by Jane Writer-Wannabees.
  5. Risky Regencies created by a group of authors who chat about Regency romances, the English Regency period, other Regency-set novels, Jane Austen books and movies, the craft of writing novels, and more.
  6. Here's a blog post by Maude Newton about Jane.
  7. Cult of the Janeites is a discussion forum.

Jane Austen Merchandise and Other Oddities that Might Have Amused Her (Not!):

As you can observe from the Jane Austen action figure to our right, the world marketplace bristles with enterprising entrepeneurs, none of whom seem to have taken lessons in manners and deportment. Speaking of manners, don't forget to tell your friends: "I saw them here first!"

1. Jane Austen Action Figure. Oh, my.

2. Jane Austen mugs and t-shirts, and Darcy magnets, and bumper stickers, and, well, go see for yourself.

3. Jane Austen gifts from Shakespeare's Den are not to be believed. Honest.

4. Austen Attitude and The Pemberley Collection

5. Jane Austen's Little Advice Book

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