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Tuesday, August 22

Welcome to the Regency Era

Ah, the Regency Era! We Janeites on the James are enthralled with it. Through the eyes of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer we have become intimately acquainted with this short period in English history. We admire the outrageous behavior and sparkling wit of their characters, as well as the era's clothes, furniture, and architecture.

Unsated, we reread the same few novels over and over, hoping to turn up additional nuggets of information from Jane's and Georgette's keen insights. Thank God for the Internet, which puts us within an ames-ace of all things Regency.

The delicate drawings and crystal clear paintings of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres embody the refined sensibilities of the era. As we examine them, we are reminded that the English of the period revered all things French, despite Bonie's tiresome habit of killing British soldiers on the Continent.


Arabella said...

Ingres' nudes are to die for. My mother would be scandalized to know that my father has one hidden in his dressing room.

Regency Miss said...

Arabella is obviously no well-bred Regency Miss. Anyone from that era would have said:

I believe that Ingres's classical nudes glorify the female form in all its illustrious beauty. However, Mama would be scandalized to learn that Papa has one hidden in his armoire.

Cotillion Lady said...

The costume stuff was splendid. It reminded me of a number of the descriptions of clothing throughout all Heyer's books, and particularly the clothes that Kitty got from her "fiance's" sister --