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Thursday, March 15

Jane Austen Commercialized

Jane Austen and her heirs could have made quite a comfortable living in commercial trade if she had lived in this day and age. Here are some wares you can purchase with her image.

Jane Book Bag from Lunimary Graphics in Purcelville, Virginia, not far from my neck of the woods.

Also find the J.A. action figure, finger puppet, mugs, little thinker, and J.A. cards.

Various Jane memorabilia can be purchased at:

Jane Austen Gift Shop

The Library of Congress Shop

Shakespeare's Den

The Cafe Press

The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild


Suzi said...

What, no Jane Austen bobble head?
I wonder how my dear Jane would feel about the over-commercialization of her image and memory?

Lady Jane said...

I have always wanted the Jane Action figure, though I don't think it looks exactly like her. My old English teacher, who I subbed for on Friday, is an huge Dickens fan, but I saw that she also has the JA action figure on her desk.