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Monday, March 19

On the details of dress...

Ornaments and trimmings of silver are to be preferred before gold when intended for the fair beauty. The white lustre of the first of these costly metals harmonizes better with delicacy of skin than the glaring effulgence of the gold. By a parity of reasoning, gold agrees best with the brunette, as its yellow and flaming hue lights up the fire of her eyes, and throws her complexion in the brightest contrast.

Written by A Lady of Distinction, Mirror of Graces, 1811, p 129.

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lotusgreen said...

more importantly, it gives you a new idea of what to do with your scarf.

Ms. Place said...

I agree, Lotusgreen. I am totally in love with this image of a woman wearing a morning gown, painted by Henri Francois Mulard in 1810. I adore how she tucked the scarf into her sash. The paisley shawl and kid gloves complete a look that, in my opinion, is perfection.