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Monday, June 4

New Features on Jane Austen's World

Gentle readers,

My favorite part of the day is when I spend an hour or two reading Jane Austen's words or researching information about her. New features on this blog, which I find exciting, are the audio podcasts and short videos I have found about her world and era.

These links sit on the sidebar under Audio and Visual Media. I am NOT including YouTube videos, since they are easy to find.

Make yourself a pot of tea, then click on one of the links, such as the Biography video, or Tea With Jane Austen, and spend a delightful time listening to learned individuals discuss your favorite author and her era. Click here to listen to a podcast from Australia about the truth about Mr. Darcy, or go the the ABC website in Sydney, Australia.

Ms. Place

Comment: rightly points out that Professor Penny Gay has confused her actors. She mistakenly thinks Matthew McConaughey was Mr. Darcy in PP-05. Ah, what a perfect Jane Austen moment of folly! Despite her mistake, Penny's observations about Mr. Darcy seem well informed.


Lady Jane said...


helen said...

I just wanted to tell you the about podcast I do.
It's called the JA Podnovel and each show is a reading of a chapter from a Jane Austen novel.

So far I have mostly been reading from Pride and Prejudice but have stuck a few others in when requested.
this is my show home page

Ms. Place said...

Thank you, Helen. I will make sure to go to your site and listen! This is fabulous news.

OR Regency Steph said...

Ahh... it's so nice to find a Jane Austen and Regency Oasis.

Thank you!