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Monday, July 2

Seen Over the Ether

For days, Austen Blog and A Lady's Diversions have exhorted readers to go to The Book Mine Set and vote for our Jane. Seems that the fellow on this blog has pitted her against Edgar Allan Poe. He must be daft. Jane is winning. But perhaps we should let him know once and for all who we prefer. You have until tomorrow to vote.

You might also want to watch a YouTube video on Austen Blog. It's great fun.

In addition, the ladies over at Becoming Jane Fansite are really fleshing out their blog with interesting posts about the actors in the movie, and of Tom LeFroy and Jane herself.

And if you love Bath, as I do, check out the Bath Daily Photo. It's the next best thing to visiting Bath, plus James is better than any tour guide I have ever met.


John Mutford said...

Yes, I'm daft. No more than some other folks, but daft nonetheless. Some people have thought it most peculiar that I've pitted Austen against Poe, saying it's an apples against oranges sort of deal. Sometimes I think it's fun to compare two completely different authors that way- the discussion that flows from the debates can be very enlightening. That said, I also like to compare more similar authors from time to time, just to see how people value them. I must say, the interest that the Austen folks have generated in the "competition" is appreciated- but a little intimidating! I'm not sure how many other authors I'm going to get with that sort of fanfare! And since I pit the winner of each week's contest against a new author, I'm afraid it's going to turn into a weekly "Let's see who Jane's better than" post.

Icha said...

Thank you, Ms Place for the lovely words for BJ Fansite! That goes the same to JA's World as well!

And allow me to be a bit nitpicky here, Tom's last name was Lefroy, not LeFroy as in French spelling. I made the same mistake before, for when I heard that name in the movie I thought... Geez... that's a very sexy French name for him! Thus, I once wrote him as Tom LeFroy in my personal blog as well! :-D

And I've voted for our Jane, of course.

Lady Jane said...

Oh, don't be intimidated by us Janeites! We're a harmless sort (as long as you aren't harming Jane---which you aren't!). If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion: if Jane continues to win, you might gracefully retire her after a few weeks? :)

james said...

You are too kind.
Thank you.

Hasenauer said...

Ooh, I guess Poe and Austen aren't so very polar. One could draw a relation between Austen's and Poe's Gothic sensibilities ie Radcliffe-Northanger-Poe. Writers of Victorian gothic works owe a debt to their predecessors, after all.

Graphic Classics made a nice link in their graphic collection of stories: Gothic Classics, which was thoroughly enjoyed by Austen Blog, and also by me.

Lovely blog over here, I'll be a regular for sure!