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Thursday, August 2

Bath Daily Photo

One of my favorite sites has closed shop for now. James Russiello of the Bath Daily Photo took me down memory lane every time I entered the blog. The good news is that his archived posts will remain on the blogosphere for us to view. The bad news is that he's moving to Ireland.
I enjoyed James's frequent trips to my blog and the comments he left. Mostly, I appreciated his talent for showing Bath in a glowing light. James, whose commentary is as informative as his photos, promises to return to this site in a few months to update it. I hope so.

Good luck, my Internet friend. May you find success and happiness in your new position. Meanwhile, here are some of James' photos of Pulteney Bridge, such as this one taken at night. The one above is taken on the bridge itself, facing the shops. One can imagine Jane Austen walking past this scene and finding it comfortably familiar.

Plan of Pulteney Bridge by Robert Adam, Ison Walter, The Georgian Buildings of Bath 1700 - 1830.

Correction, the previous image sitting earlier on this post was of the Rialto Bridge in Venice. My trigger finger uploaded the wrong image. My apologies.

1 comment:

james of enniscorthy, formerly bath said...

you're so great. thank you for this.
this is the first time i've checked internet since i left. the job is quite busy but it involves recording historic buildings in co. wexford, ireland. hopefully, i'll gain some experience out of it all. apart from the insane building programs everywhere in this country, ireland does have the best preserved (and even refined design) Georgian architecture. It's well worth a visit if you ever make it out here. I'#ve been so busy though that I haven't even taken a photo for myself yet! Agh!
Thanks again, hopefully we'll both be writing again soon!