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Friday, October 5

Seen on the Blogosphere: Articles about Jane Austen

Here's a witty tongue-in-cheek post written by an enlightened man about Jane Austen. And it's pretty good! Click here to read it and send him your love by posting your comment on his blog.

This post is written by John Mutford of Book Mine Set, who is struggling to understand our love for Jane. John's comments are sincere and he truly wants to like Pride and Prejudice. The problem is that he can't. He hasn't fallen in love with Jane as we have. That's ok. At least he tried. Plus in his competitions in which he pitted authors against authors, Jane kicked ass. So go over and visit this dear man and give him your love as well. Let him know why you treasure P&P. Perhaps you can make him understand. I tend to agree with him, though. Either you get Jane or you don't. She's not everyone's cup of tea and I can accept that.

And finally, this article from the UK's Telegraph on Loathing Jane, Loving Jane is guaranteed to raise your ire at the end. With quotes like these, no wonder this woman, Frances Wilson, dislikes Jane:
" is only as an adult that I feel cheated; only now do I see how nasty she is, and how much of her nastiness I once celebrated as wit. The novels I once thought bright and breezy are in fact weighed down by Austen's ceaseless moralising and joyless value judgements. Her mockery of garrulous middle-aged women such as Mrs Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Miss Bates in Emma is less funny than embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as the fact that the only love that Austen finds acceptable is incestuous. "

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