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Thursday, November 15

Seen on the Blogosphere: Regency Picture Books

These lovely illustrated books are available at Rizolli and and would make a great holiday gift for a Janeite. The theme that both have in common are the delightful first-hand accounts of regency life through watercolour illustrations.

One, A Picture History of the Grenville Family of Rosedale House, is a recent find. The artist, Mary Yelloly, was only eight when she started the picture book and 12 when she finished it. The book was recently discovered at an auction at a Norfolk rectory. Read more about this fascinating discovery at this link.
The other book, Mrs. Hurst Dancing and Other Scenes From Regency Life: 1812-1823, by Diana Sperling, has been out for a while. Her paintings of regency life, such as the one below of a family playing badminton, are primitive but charming.

The book, a collection of amateur watercolor pictures of everyday life, is annotated by Gordon Mingay. The images provide a first hand account of gentry life two hundred years ago. (Image from The Republic of Pemberley)

Image from the book jacket. Note that the carpet has been rolled up and the furniture pushed aside for the dance.

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