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Wednesday, November 21

Quiet Blog

I'm going home for Thanksgiving and to be with my mother, who is undergoing hip replacement surgery. I'll maintain Jane Austen's World for now, but Jane Austen Today will lie fallow for a while. Meanwhile, I've added a poll to my sidebar. It asks the question: 'Who is the most dastardly of Jane Austen's villains?' The answer was a tough one for me. Depending on my mood, my choice keeps changing.


Ms. Place said...

Dear Readers, I made a mistake (gasp!), typing Tom instead of Henry. You know how one's brain can falter at the most inopportune time. Please forgive me. If you think Henry Crawford the most dastardly of the lot, please vote for Tom Crawford.

Anonymous said...

Why I did not vote for Wickham - He was dastardly, yes, but he had no conscience or capacity for anything but self love. Though Willoughly loved Marianne, he was willing to abandon her and put her through enormous emotional pain for money.