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Sunday, November 18

Seen on the Blogosphere

Interested Readers, The major Janeite blogs provide us with all things Austen. But people write about Jane on their personal blogs as well. Here are some gems I uncovered on Dogpile:

From Cecilia's Blog: According to the results of her Meyers-Brigg test, she shared Jane Austen's personality type, which was supposed to be an INTJ. This personality type is a
- moderately expressed introvert
- moderately expressed intuitive personality
- slightly expressed thinking personality
- very expressed judging personality
I agree with her comment: "Jane Austen was supposed to be an INTJ. How the heck do they know that? Silly."
In addition:
  • As you are aware, I have been showcasing posts about Jane written by men. In his blog, All Things Ken, Ken writes about Emma with sensitivity, understanding, and knowledge. He is covering the book section by section. A male janeite. How rare.
  • I know it's a little late for movie reviews about Becoming Jane, but I couldn't pass this one from My Romance Story Blog up. It describes verbatim how I felt when I watched the movie. "I think the real Jane Austen would be disappointed at the lack of wit. And she might be outraged to learn that in this movie some of her best-known literary bon mots were first uttered by other people, thus suggesting that as a writer, she was more a copier than an inventor. Which is nonsense."
  • Here's an observation about writers on John Bakers blog that relates to Jane:

    In this biography Shields concentrates on Austen the writer, rather than Austen the woman. This is one writer writing about another.

    In reference to Austen’s ten year silence after the move to Bath, Carol Shield reminds us of the words of Virginia Woolf:

    A writer does not need stimulation, but the opposite of stimulation. A writer needs regularity, the same books around her, the same walls. A writer needs self-ordered patterns of time, her own desk, and day after profitable day in order to do her best work.


Lady Jane said...

I'm pretty sure I'm INTJ, as well. I wonder how they figured Jane out?

Kenneth R. Morefield said...

Thanks so much for the shout out and the kind words.