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Sunday, January 27

Mansfield Park's Blake Ritson

Try as I might, I am having a hard time finding solid information on Blake Ritson. This leads me to the conclusion that this young actor's turn as the staid Edmund Bertram was highly successful, and that people are mistaking him for Edmund.

Since the movie was shown in England and Canada, no fan clubs for him have sprouted up; no websites devoted to everything that Blake did, ate, or breathed exist. He is still, well, largely unknown.
As we wait or tonight's viewing of Mansfield Park with Blake Ritson and Billie Piper, I would like to direct you to these links:

An excellent review and discussion about the movie on Palimpsest. I can't quibble with any of Colynbourne's observations. In the review, she quotes Blake as saying about Edmund:
He doesn't wear well by modern standards...we've made him more playful, he's sillier, he drinks more - he's a lot less priggish and self-righteous than the original. All of us were keen not to be corseted by the decorum of the time.
Erm, isn't the novel supposed to be set in the "decorum of the time?"

Here's a recent opinion about the movie offered by Matthew Gilbert of

Most of the reviews for Mansfield Park are negative, and yet the movie as a stand alone, without a connection to Jane Austen, is light and engaging. I think we will see a huge division of opinion about this adaptation between those who know Mansfield Park backwards and forwards, and those who are introduced to the novel for the first time via this production.

Below is a scene from a short 12-minute film that Blake and his brother Dylan directed, Out of Time. The film's plot is: "Charlie is in trouble -- he has woken up to discover that his mouth is moving out of sync with his words. We follow his race to find a cure, attend a meeting, and patch up things with his girlfriend - all whilst trying to hide the bizzare affliction. A surreal, modern allegory about love, lies, and the dangers of false advertising.
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Anonymous said...

oI was thinking the same thing, about why there isn't any information about this young gifted actor. I wish you luck in all of your discoveries, I know I will be looking. Mansfield Park was Excellent!

Manchester United and Jane Austen lover said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Mansfield Park.I loved the mysterious charisma Edmund and Fanny had. I aswell hope that you find information on Blake.A gifted actor like him deserves people to learn about him.But when it all comes down,I engoyed Northanger Abbey more!

rachyvic said...

i love mansfield park its so romantic and blake is cute. the chemistry between fanny and edmund is amazing i wish all reletionships were as romantic. jane austin is a fabulous write and has a lovely imagination. i love her books and films, old and new.

jen said...

i just discovered blake ritson was cedric diggory! i really can't see it though...

also he was in one of my favorite movies "different for girls" as the young rupert graves character prentice (sp?)...

i'm trying to find out his birthdate and can't find it anywhere.

as for mansfield park, i enjoyed it, although it is my least fave of masterpiece's austen series.

Anonymous said...

blake ritson wasn't cedric diggory

Heidi said...

Actually I think he was in the talking book version. I've neither heard it so I'm not sure