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Friday, April 25

Seen on the Blogosphere: Miss Austen Regrets

Reviews are starting to tumble in before BBC's broadcast of Miss Austen Regrets. In the past few days, The Daily Mail called Jane a serial flirt; the Manchester Evening News traced how Olivia Williams became Jane Austen; and The Independent offered up a biting commentary that will please as many as offend.

The London Paper adored this biopic, while several months back Maureen Ryan from the Chicago Tribune found it barely watchable.

I had mixed feelings about the film, loving its intelligent dialog and solid acting, and hating its gloomy subtext and atmosphere. Read my review here: Miss Austen Regrets Perhaps A Bit Too Much For My Taste. Laurel Ann's review sits here. It is telling that of the five new films shown during The Complete Jane Austen season on PBS, viewers ranked this new adaptation second lowest in my likability poll. Mansfield Park ranked last, which was no surprise. I will leave the poll up for another month to let our cousins across The Pond vote. Perhaps the numbers will change.

Click here for Masterpiece pictures of Miss Austen Regrets; and click here for my photos of the film.

Read more about Olivia Williams in NW Magazine. Greta Scacchi, who plays Cassandra, received her own interview in this Times Online article, though I did not think it was flattering.

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