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Wednesday, May 28

Mini Austenpalooza Headed Down Under

Janeites in Australia will soon enjoy the delights of four of Jane Austen’s cannon adapted for the screen. According to this advance interview of Actress Sally Hawkins who portrayed Anne Elliot in the ITV production of Persuasion (2007), it looks like the month of June has been dedicated as a mini Austenpalooza down under. Starting with Emma (Kate Beckinsale version 1996), the weekly Sunday evening airings will also include the new (2007) versions of Persuasion on June 8, Northanger Abbey on June 15, and Mansfield Park on June 22.

What no Pride and Prejudice (1995), Sense and Sensibility (2008) and Miss Austen Regrets (2008) to ‘complete’ the ensemble that North American audiences enjoyed this past winter with The Complete Jane Austen on PBS? Let’s hope that they head that way soon, for what else do Janeites live for but total emersion, right?

Actress Sally Hawkins has some interesting comments to add about her take on Austen and her motives for writing.
"I think Jane is echoed in all her heroines, in all her novels," Hawkins says. "If you look at them as a set of complete works, you can see a real woman growing up. Her wit is there, apparent through all her heroines, and that is very much at the core."

Australian audiences have the double advantage of previous airing of these adaptations in the UK and North America, and many reviews are about. To prep yourself for each production (spoilers afoot), here are some reviews of the high and low points of each production.



Northanger Abbey

Mansfield Park

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jacqueline said...

You have made my day! Thank you for the advanced warning as now I can keep my eyes peeled on the TV guide and ensure i don't miss out.