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Tuesday, June 10

Hey - that Mr. Darcy Dude is for Sale!

That was the subject line waiting for me in my e-mail box this morning from a male friend who knows I am an Austen enthusiast and likes to rib me about it. He had seen this article about the auction of the miniature portrait of Jane Austen’s ‘boy toy’ (his words again not mine, ack!) Tom Lefroy, and wanted to be the first to inform me that I could buy Mr. Darcy, if I was so inclined!

Ok gentle readers - to understand the full scope of his flip remark - you must realize that this is an ongoing joke between us. He is one of those (broad sweeping generalization here) men who do not understand the female flutterings over Jane Austen’s character Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Previously he had attempted to discredit Darcy’s character based on a DVD cover image of Colin Firth saying that any man who wears a flouncy shirt is trying to get into someone’s pants! I was indignant. Why is it always about sex I retorted? No comment, just one raised eyebrow!!! And even though I was starting an argument with an overly educated erudite attorney that I very well might regret, I rebounded and told him that his objection was triflingly weak considering that he had not even seen the movie, or, read the book!

So it began; - our on going banter over Mr. Darcy. At least I got him to watch the movie, which only gave him more ammunition to argue his case. Geesh, attorney’s are creative, and darn persistent. I think I am winning though. At least he let’s me think so!

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