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Thursday, June 12

Where Are They Now? Matthew Mania Still Alive and Well

It's been three years since Matthew Macfadyen played Mr. Darcy, but MM fever still affects a lot of fans. Darcylicious has merged with the Matthew Macfadyen fansite. Click here to enter the new site and listen to an interesting podcast of Matthew's voice taking on several accents. The site lists several of Matthew's upcoming or recently completed projects: Miss Marple, Incendiary, Ashes to Ashes 7, and Frost/Nixon. In the photo at right he is portrayed as Arthur Clennam in Little Dorrit, a BBC production.

Matthew plays opposite his real life wife Keely Hawes (Wives and Daughters) in Ashes to Ashes 7. In this photo he looks decidedly unheroic, but Keely still loves her man.


Anonymous said...

Heroic he might not have looked in Ashes to Ashes but he gave a stellar performance - as he always does!
And he looked positively drool worthy last week when attending the Glamour Awards in London!

becca said...

he has a rather nice voice, doesn't he?