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Monday, July 7

So You Think You Have Seen All of Colin Firth's Work?

Ah, poor Colin. He can't get away from his Mr. Darcy image no matter how hard he tries. One can forgive the man for being a bit put out when one realizes how extensive his body of work is. A fan worked up a list of all his television roles in this list on, and his cinematic appearances in another list. Taken together, Colin's film record is quite impressive. The second list is already outdated, for it does not include his 2008 releases, Mamma Mia! or these estimable projects in various stages of production (list From IMbD): The Colossus(2008) (in production); The Meat Trade(2008) (in production); Gambit(2009) announced ; David Copperfield(2008) pre-production; A Christmas Carol(2009) (post-production); Easy Virtue(2009) post-production; and Genova(2008) post-production.

In an interesting aside, Colin recently opened a green store in Chiswick, England. The question is: Would you spend $360 for a cardboard handbag?


nigel said...

The handbag is very tempting.
Oh, darn! I just don't have the shoes to match.

Arti said...

It seems like it's his P & P fans who want to cling onto his Darcy persona.... A look at his performance in Shakespeare In Love, The Importance of Being Earnest, and most recently, When Did You Last See Your Father, and Then She Found Me, one will readily observe his versatility as an actor. I look forward to Mama Mia and many more coming up!