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Thursday, August 21

Oh, Mr. Darcy

The Secret Darcy Boards features an article from the Times that first appeared in 1996. It is alternately scathing, insightful, and funny, and is filled with tidbits, like these:

Firth was reported in the press to have had a brief but passionate affair on location with Jennifer Ehle, the actress who played Elizabeth Bennet. This prompted Imogen Edward-Jones to warn readers of The Evening Standard on 16 October 1995 never ever to 'lay a luvvie', since according to her thespians were notoriously fickle in their affections. Perhaps the 'hot gossip' about this affair helps to explain why the scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth attracted so much interest.

In addition to these scenes which explore Darcy's relationships with other men, we encounter him on his own. He has a bath, helped by a servant and then watches Elizabeth playing in the garden with one of the dogs. We see him walking moodily back to Rosings after Elizabeth has rejected his proposal. He then spends all night writing her a letter. We see him riding back to Pemberley on his own after going for a swim. He walks around the house with his two dogs, after Elizabeth has spent the evening there, thinking about her. We see him leave the next day to call on her at her hotel. When Elizabeth breaks to him the news of Lydia's scandalous elopement, we see him back at Pemberley spending a miserable evening. He then sets off for London with the coachman shouting at and whipping the horses.

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