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Saturday, August 30

Seen Over the Blogosphere

The Regency Ballroom is a fabulous site that provides music samples and descriptions of some of the English country dances popular during the Regency era. Spare Parts, a group that specializes in period dances, created the site, which provided following information:

La Belle Assemblée March
This short march signals dancers to take their positions for a country dance. In the 18th century, an assembly was a gathering for social entertainment; in the Regency era it usually included dancing. La Belle Assemblée was also a popular British women’s magazine, first appearing in 1806 and published by John Bell. (Wilson, 1816)

The beautiful jewellery that Regency ladies wore is featured on this site, J'antiques and Collectibles. On it you will learn such interesting facts as:

"All jewelry of the Georgian era was hand made. A piece should show some irregularity and shouldn't look too "perfect". Cuts of stones may look cruder than those of later eras. Jewelry that comes apart to form different pieces is especially prized from this era. A piece that initially looks to be a necklace might be designed to come apart and form two bracelets - or a bracelet could become a brooch and earrings, for example."

A Regency Repository, one of my favorite go to sites, now sits on Regency Lady as well. This site also shows off the author's scrapbooking skills.

The Duchess, the new film that stars Keira Knightley, has placed the Duchess of Devonshire in the news lately. There are many websites and blog posts devoted to this fascinating historical figure. Among them are:
Dance illustration: NY Times, 1913; posted by Vic, Jane Austen's World

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becca said...

Is it me, or is Georgianna the actual Duchess much prettier than Keira?