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Wednesday, October 8

Seen on the Blogosphere: Vintage Fabrics

An article from the Smithsonian Institute discusses how the serious fabric and clothes collector ought to store antique fabrics at home. Click here to read it.

French offers truly exquisite and breathtaking fabrics that conjure up another century. Click here to view samples like this 18th century brocade on the right.

This New York Times article describes vintage fabrics for sale in antique shoppes near Sloane Square, London.

Borderline Fabrics sells beautiful fabrics inspired by archived clothing.

And here is a one-stop shop for fabric buying: Mary's Fabric Sources. Simply fabulous.

To round out your fabric tour, read my post on Jane Austen's World: Fabrics and Fashion
and this fascinating article about Hand Loom Weaving in the 19th Century.

1 comment:

nigel said...

Would there be a market for a fashion designer to create a Jane Austen clothing range in the spirit of "Regency" couture or pret a porter?

Someone like Prada who would adapt or synthesise a Bennet, Emma or Love of Austen; line of contemporary, functional clothing for the girl about town?

Or a "darcy" suit for one's sweetheart because if he doesn't quite fulfill the Fitzwilliam in women's lives, at least he could be dressed in Austen inspired attire, for those special functions and engagements.

Most partners buy clothes for their partner anyway?

Some fans may even wish to dress in the spirit of Lady Catherine de Burgh?