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Sunday, November 23

Jane Austen Character Throwdown: Favorite Resort

The Crofts and the Gardiners ran a tight race last week, but the Gardiners graciously bowed before the Crofts' superior numbers. Always slightly ahead, the Crofts would have gallantly ceded the top spot had voters desired such an outcome.

We now turn to our favorite Jane Austen resort destination. Which is your preference? Town or country? Seaside or riverside? Coastal or inland? Here are your choices:

Favorite Jane Austen Resort


Are you into shopping, dancing, and taking the waters? Then this ancient city founded in Roman times will strike your fancy. Jane might not have personally liked living in Bath, but Catherine Morland was charmed and did not want to leave as long as Henry Tilney and his sister Eleanor remained in town.

Lyme Regis

If you prefer the seaside and the smell of salt air, long walks along the Cobb and beach, and fossil hunting, for which this area's cliffs are famous, then Lyme Regis is the resort for you. This Dorset coastal town recently became a World Heritage Site, just like Bath.

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Jane Austen Character Throwdown: Favorite Resort
Bath Lyme Regis


nigel said...

These character throw downs are getting tougher all the time!

Can't we go to both places!

O.K. Lyme Regis because of the surf and I will have to wear my full wet suit?

Is Jane Austen a hot surfer chick?

becca said...

Being a city girl, I choose Bath, though this was a difficult choice as Nigel said. I am sure that if Jane were alive today, she would NOT be surfing. :)

Janeite Deb said...

Oh Vic, this is an impossible choice! I can only elect to do both as they are so different and near enough for easy traveling, so can I go sightseeing in the morning in Bath and then off to the sea in the afternoon?...would of course prefer to spend the night in Lyme Regis to walk on the cobb and hear the surf (memories of The French Lieutenant's Woman, not to mention Captain Wentworth), so I will cast my vote for Lyme, but had to qualify that this is the toughest throwdown yet! Deb