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Wednesday, November 26

Knitting With Jane Austen

Looking for something to do this winter while sitting by a cozy fire, drinking camomile tea, and reading Jane Austen's novels? How about following a knitting schedule as suggested on The Holistic Knitter's Blog. Complete a Traveling Roses Scarf as you read Sense and Sensibility, a Versatility Shawl as you read Emma, or Lizzy's socks as your read Pride and Prejudice for the umpteenth time!

What a great idea. The schedule began on November 1, but thanks to some down time during the holiday season you will have time to catch up.

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Anonymous said...


I have an award for you at my blog! Check it out!

Vic said...

Holly, Thank you! Laurel Ann and I are honored! We will nominate the next seven blogs this weekend.

nigel said...

Please may I pass on this activity?

How come we never go pheasant shooting? All the Austen men do, and many of the girls tag along.