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Sunday, December 14

Jane Austen Character Throwdown: Christmas Eve Guests

It did not surprise me that Fanny Dashwood won the most votes to receive a lump of coal, but I do wonder why Mrs. Norris, a nasty piece of work, did not receive more attention. Wickham and Willoughby raced neck and neck all week, and Mr. Collins stands last in line,though not by a wide margin. Our next throwdown takes a more positive turn:

These characters would add conversational interest to my party

Suppose you have space for one more guest for your intimate holiday party? You hope the conversation will be sparkling and lively. Who will you invite?

Jane Austen Character Throwdown
Elizabeth Bennet
Henry Tilney
Mary Crawford
Mr. Bennet free polls

Posted by Vic, Jane Austen's World


nigel said...

Has to be Lizzie because she likes walks too!

Mary Crawford is a bad girl.

Vic said...

Oh, but, Nigel, Henry Tilney and Mr. Bennet are delightful in company as well! As for Mary, she might be complex and not quite as morally upright as Fanny Price, but she knows how to entertain a group of people at the dinner table!

Heather Carroll said...

Such a difficult decision! I guess it would depend upon the dinner party. I would love the excuse to invite Mrs Bennett to a party that needed to be ended prematurely or Henry Tilney to speed dating...

ren said...

i have always thought that i would get along well with mr. bennet. i'd like to sit next to him, please.