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Sunday, December 21

Twelve Gifts of Christmas

Inquiring readers, During this month of holiday celebrations, Laurel Ann and I will be offering the Twelve Gifts of Christmas. Some of the gifts will be giveaways, others will be free offerings online, and still others will be great gift ideas for you to give to others. Every gift will have a special relationship to this blog, us, or Jane Austen. Today we are happy to present instructions for making cookies.

Gift Eleven: Instructions for Making Jane Austen Teapot Cookies

Mischief Mari productions shows you step by step how to make these unique Jane Austen teapot cookies in a "wickedly entertaining and clever little tutorial!" Their creation does not look hard; merely time consuming.

Click here to find out how.

You will have to supply your own cookie recipe and find your own teapot cutter, like this one and this one from Amazon.You will also need Jane's silhouette as a template, such as the one to the left. Make sure to size it down. (The easiest way would be to reduce your copy in the printer.)

After making your one of a kind, cookies, why not serve them with tea? This looks like a fun way to spend a winter's afternoon.

These teacups hang in a tearoom near Chawton.


Janeen said...

Very clever!

Kimberly Ann said...

These are so cute. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.