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Monday, January 12

Congratulations, Sally Hawkins!

Golden Globes winner and rising star Sally Hawkins won last night for her performance as Poppy in Happy Go Lucky. Persuasion fans will be able to see Sally Hawkins this season as Anne Elliot in a repeat of the ITV Jane Austen novel adaptation on PBS. This film adaptation of the novel was not the best, being too short and rushed, but Sally's performance as Anne was delicately nuanced (except for her dash through Bath) and Anthony Head's performance as Sir Walter Elliot should not be missed.

Read about Sally's Happy Go Lucky performance in these links:

Image: Sally with her Golden Globe award, Sunday, January 11, 2009

Posted by Vic, Jane Austen's World

"Why, thank ya'll for the honor!"


Anonymous said...

And no congratulations for the great Kate Winslet, who after many nominations, including her performance as Marianne Dashwood, she finally has not 1 but 2 Golden Globes as Best Actress in a Drama and Best Supporting Actress! Congratulations Kate!


Vic said...

Ah, you let the cat out of the bag. We are honoring each winner one day at a time. But yes, the great Kate deserves her fabulous honors.

Lynn said...

She is a good actress so congrats to her but what a flake in real life ! ( view acceptance speech again )

Vic said...

Yes, she was flustered, wasn't she? Should we chalk her performance up to inexperience and nervousness?

Janeen said...

She was just adorable wasn't she! Very refreshing to see the smiles and the excitement when she was days away from not knowing she would win! Yahoo!

Lynn said...

I have been nicely dressed down and now very much regret my estimation of Sally in her acceptance speech.

I did not consider how genuinely excited and happy she was at winning therefore, we will indeed chalk it up and just be happy for her success !

Danielle said...

I think she might have been slightly less flustered had she not been delirious from starvation.

I would have let Emma Thompson give my speech. lol.