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Thursday, February 12

Erm, So Soon Already? Did You Know That a Theatrical Hollywood Version of Lost in Austen Is Under Development?

It seems like Lost in Austen was just recently filmed and aired. Wait, it was! And it's still being shown in parts of the world.

So guess what the studio powers of be have decided? To film a theatrical version of this VERY recent ITV special. "A movie version is now being developed for Sony Pictures, the Hollywood studio behind James Bond movie Quantum of Solace and the forthcoming Angels and Demons, by the TV show's original UK independent producer Mammoth Screen."

Sam Mendes, the light-hearted director of this year's top fluffy comedy, Revolutionary road, will be one of the producers of this time travel parody of Pride and Prejudice. Ah, the power of Jane Austen's name in today's entertainment market! Too bad she's not available to cash in on her own fame.

Tell us what you think. Is it too soon to film a new adaptation of Lost in Austen, or was the recent 2008 film not good enough to stand the test of 12 months time? free polls
What do you think about a new Lost in Austen adaptation?
They should wait until I've seen the 2008 ITV version I hated the light satire. Sam Mendes will give it the serious weight that this story line deserves. Make it more sci fi-ee. Those time travel effects were hokey. No thanks. I'll wait to see the new flick when it's available on NetFlix Nooooo! What are they thinking? I just purchased the DVD!!!


Laurel Ann said...

Hmm! Quite a surprise out of left field. I thought that it was a numbers disappointment in the UK, and then did not get sold to a major or even middle sized TV network or cable station when it aired in the US. So now a major movie!

One assumes that it will be cut down to two hours. That will be a challenge. And then the casting. What big name will play Darcy? Doubt they will use anyone from the original cast.

Thanks for the news flash Vic!

Jane Odiwe said...

I am surprised - it does seem a bit soon. I wish someone would make a proper film length version of Persuasion or Northanger Abbey.
I think some of the sequels would make good films. If there are any film producers out there looking I'm sure we could all you give you a few ideas for films we'd like to see!

Heather Carroll said...

I hate how the US always does this! Whenever another country comes out with a good film or tv show they can't just give us the original, they have to make their own. I just saw a Swedish movie, Let the Right Ones In, which I thought was quite good. I'm glad I saw it too because, of course, a US company is making a dumbed-down American version!

Lynn said...

That is not a surprise to me at all.

A director of that caliber doing Lost in Austen ? But then, Ang Lee directed S & S with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet very well. I can't even imagine how that would be...probably like that year on the series "Dallas" when the whole season was a dream !!! ( I know, revealing a guilty pleasure from the past )

As for Americans copying British productions, I agree with our British friends are taking roles that Americans could play because unlike most American actors and actresses who try to do British accents ( and do them badly), Brits can speak "American" very well !

So many movies and sit coms have British's kind of embarrassing to me !

Who would play the lead role ?

nigel said...

Sam Mendes will do a great job!
But who will be the leading lady?
Who will be Darcy?

Can Colin Firth reprise his role for all those heartbroken hopefuls.

I am not sure if this is a good thing. What's next? a pornographic version; Probe and Prejudice?

Katie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought this! I saw this yesterday, huge suprise! I just finally saw it last month! don't they usually wait a few years to redo a production? sigh.

Charleybrown said...

It's way too soon and it's not even a straight adaptation of one of Jane's novels. Since when do they do a remake of a parody right after it comes out? I am flabbergasted by this! I'm hoping that with Sam Mendes only producing, then they can hire a creative director. I vote for Rob Reiner.

This is eating me up...I don't want to see another LIA but have to consider now who will be in it, etc. !

What would Jane think???

Lynn said...

Rob Reiner ??? God forbid !

Anonymous said...

None of the vote options are positive. :l YES, I would like to see an adaption. Moar time travel pls.