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Wednesday, February 18

Join in the celebration of Jane Austen Week at Barefoot Mama!

The Barefoot Mama blog is declaring next week a national blog holiday to celebrate Jane Austen Week, February 23rd - 28th!

Stop in daily for your dose of Jane, including challenges and other fun stuff. There will be a special culmination celebration on Saturday, February 28, so stay tuned!

Join her in celebration by displaying this banner to the left (right-click to save). She promises it will be a most diverting experience!

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Rebecca said...

Wonderful news! I need a Jane week in the worst way...

Faith said...

Where do I begin with Jane Austin?
Is there a chronological order?

New to Jane Austin, but it intrigues me....would like to indulge more into it.

Thank you,

Vic said...

Faith, I am sure Laurel Ann, who wrote this post, will weigh in as well. I started out with Pride and Prejudice and then read Sense and Sensibility. I must admit that I read Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey last, but I enjoyed Northanger Abbey so immensely that I wondered why I waited so long to read it. I read Emma and Persuasion somewhere in the middle.

At this stage I like Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice the best, but that is by a smidgen, as I crave anything written by Jane Austen and, like an addict, reread all her novels periodically. Each time I glean something new from these well thumbed works.