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Saturday, February 7

Masterpiece's Sense and Sensibility Concludes on Sunday

Don't miss the dramatic conclusion of Masterpiece Classic's presentation of Sense and Sensibility (2008) on Sunday, February 8th at 9:00 pm.

Elinor Dashwood wanted viewers to know that after the conclusion of Sense and Sensibility she has a new gig at The Jane Austen Centre in Bath as a stand-in double for the Jane Austen statue. You can find her most days filling in for Miss Austen during her lunch breaks and book signings.

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose


~Aileen Ma~ said...

Oh, I just finished watching the series and absolutely love this version of Sense and Sensibility!! The scenery is so lush, and the actors and actresses infuse such emotion into their accurate portrayals. Some very good additions/changes were made as well. This is not to say that the 1995 version wasn't good though=P And lol about the Jane Austen stand-in =)

Jenny Girl said...

I also really enjoyed this version. The scenary was just gorgeous and the actors were first rate. All of them were great. Much better than the 1995 version, but then again I'm not a fan of Hugh Grant :)

nigel said...

Unfortunately we missed Sense and Sensibility in Aus... but I think it is programed for later in the year.

Cranford starts tonight on the ABC so we are not totally deviod of Period Drama.

But I love them Dashwood sisters:)
a lot better than those Bennets who are so Bordonian?

Lynn said...

I prefer this version also, although Kate Winslet was perfect as Marianne Dashwood in the movie. I can't stand Hugh Grant ( what the heck is the big deal about him ?) and as much as I adore Emma Thompson, she was too old for the role of Elinor. I'm really happy she won an Oscar for the screenplay though.

It was really nice to have the Superbowl blarring out in one room and have the refuge of Sense & Sensibility to watch in another part of the house !

Al said...

Is there any way to find a full soundtrack listing for this film? IMDB doesn't have much.

There are a few classical songs played in the second part that I liked but couldn't remember who composed them. I specifically want to determine the song played at the piano towards then end while the falcon is flying around. Errg. It's driving me bonkers.

Lynn said...

Bordonian Bennets Nigel ? Do you mean that the Bennet girls are earthy and common ?

nigel said...

Yes possibly; but more in reference to their preoccupation with Dancing and Darcy. Erggh! to the exclusion of all other pursuits.

I think the Dashwoods are a lot more accomplished :)

Lynn said...

Yes, now I see your point on the dancing...But I don't entirely agree...the silliness factor is a 10 in the Bennet household (the mother, the 3 younger girls ) but you must allow that Jane and Elizabeth are as fine as the 2 older Dashwood girls, Elinor and spite of their inferior situations and relations !