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Saturday, February 21

Tired of Pride and Prejudice and Time warps and Zombies and Aliens yet?

With all of the recent Internet overkill of Pride and Prejudice remashes, I offer up this book as a antidote.

If you have been visiting another planet the last month and missed all of the millions of blog posts and media blitz over all the remakes and mashups of Pride and Prejudice, here's an update.

Lost in Austen is a time travel parody of Pride and Pejudice that aired in the UK last fall as a miniseries and will now be a major motion picture.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a new book due out in April that takes the original story and adds Zombie bone crunching mayhem. It may be a major movie too!

Pride and Predator is a new movie in which an alien drops into Pride and Prejudice for tea and annihilation.

If you are as over all this hoopla as much as I am, you might enjoy some humor generated by other Janeites trying to keep it real via AustenBlog at Television without pity.

And if all else fails, just read the book. There is no subsitute for the original.

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Lynn said...

I know some will like these insane alternate universe versions of
P & P, but I for one will not spend one second watching or one hard earned penny on any of it...I will take your advice and continue reading the book !

~Aileen Ma~ said...

I like that mock cover :) And while I'm not an Austen-Purist, I have to say the zombie/horror flick adaptations of Austen's work (or the mock/speculated ones anyways) are really beginning to annoy me! If there's nothing wrong with it, leave it alone!!

Anonymous said...

Funny! Although I think this kind of adaptions will not be a success... :)