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Friday, March 20

Lost in Austen Makes a Splash Downunder

Lost in Austen premiered on ABC1 in Australia on March 8th to solid reviews and ratings, concluding on March 15th. Graeme Blundell a "caddish disbeliever" of Austen novels and a reporter for the Australian was converted.

"I loved this show and laughed out loud many times, even though I have only a passing acquaintance with the characters on which it is based. (Though I've developed a a secret yearning for fine britches, high polished boots, long riding coats and big hats during the past few years of watching Austen TV.)"

This time twisted Pride and Prejudice parody first aired on ITV in the UK in September 2008 and has gradually made its way across the pond to Canada, the US, then south to New Zealand, and now downunder. Its appreciation seems to be growing as I see more chat about it online and Internet surfers land on my blog Austenprose in droves from search engines.

Honestly, who would have guessed? My hunch is that the male cast had a lot to do with it. If Elliot Cowan had been concerned about stepping into Colin Firth's big boots as Mr. Darcy, it did not show. He brings his own penetrating style and refined attraction to Jane Austen's hero. My only puzzlement is in his disappearance from the scene. There is little to be found about him online, even since the 2008 premiere. If an actor accepts such an iconic role, and does it so convincingly, he has created a public personae, which if he was paying attention, are quite eager to learn about his new projects. Its called publicity. It can make or break a career. If he is trying to parallel the brooding, enigmatic Mr. Darcy, he is doing a great job.

Check out who is ahead in the ultimate Mr. Darcy poll. I am not surprised by number one, but number two might raise a few eyebrows!

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Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose



I saw it on DVD and it was great fun! As a devoted Austenate, I didn't feel offended at all. I loved Jemima Rooper and Elliot Cowan in their roles. The rest of the cast, the locations, the costumes and the comedy situations were not bad. I too laughed a lot!

Bostan natsuko said...

I loved it! It was so funny.

jacqueline said...

A long time reader of this blog, I watched shorts on youtube and then waited for it to makes it's long journey downunder. I laughed and cringed and the topiary of the never regions (edited for a G rating) comment was something that I have laughed about many times.

I have to admit, I was quite taken with this version of George Wickham and will shamefully admit that I would have tossed Mr Darcy aside for old George in a heartbeat.

Rhapsody said...

I loved it when I saw it on the ABC! Refreshing to see a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. There were many moments when I was laughing out loud, in particular one wet shirt scene.

karlinha said...

Its amazing ! God post ! I love Lost in Austen, For me its a Big history!

Karlinha Im from Brasil.

StuckInABook said...

Thanks for mentioning my review - I did rather lose editorial subjectivity in the post title, didn't I? I just love this series so much, despite expecting to hate it!

janjan said...

elliot cowan's mr darcy was better than collin firth's. good facial expressions (i love the part when he finds out amanda is not a maid, the quivering of the chin, and oh those lovely expressive eyes!) lost in austen has many funny bits fit to put one on the right mood again.. it has a good acting cast, and the script is very well written. thank you guy andrews for such a funny script!
elliot should play another period drama character,like sherlock holmes? he looks positively handsome in period costumes!