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Saturday, March 14

Vote for your favorite Pride and Prejudice Bachelor

Which of the single man of good or fair fortune in Pride and Prejudice would you like to spend the rest of your days and nights with?

Is it the handsome rogue George Wickham, the dependable but toady Rev. Mr. Collins, the kind natured and overly obliging Mr. Charles Bingley, the charming red coated but poor Colonel Fitzwilliam, the rich noble mien of Mr. Darcy, or the whole _shire Militia that you take turns with?

Virgina Claire has given us a great roundup of their attributes and faults in her Bachelors of Pride and Prejudice. Have you say and vote for your favorite today.

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Mella said...

George Wickham. Every time.

Heather Carroll said...

It's unfair to put Darcy in there, he's the ideal man!

learnonline said...

Well, Mr Darcy is perfect. Perhaps too perfect to spend your whole life with him. You might get bored and start fancying an affair with George Wickham...
Jokes apart, I'd love to live at least one day inside Pride and Prejudice, have you seen LOST IN AUSTEN?
Happy weekend!

Vic said...

I voted for Colonel Fitzwilliam. There's something pleasant about Mr. Darcy's cousin, and no high drama.

nigel said...

None of them, Come On......
(look of disbelief)

How can you like any Austen male? When not one, (even the perfect Mr Darcy?) never wrote a poem for their sweatheart or intended.

Why would Austen leave out, this most romantic and most excellent expression of desire in any of her male characters?

Definatley a romantic "faux pas" by Austen and perhaps why the P&P males will never measure up to a nice Aussie bloke.
(naughty wink)

bookwormans said...


It may not be a poem, but Capt. Wentworth's letter to Anne near the end of "Persuasion" is rather swoon-worthy, don't you think?

Personally, I would have to go for either Darcy or Col. Fitzwilliam. Probably Col. Fitzwilliam, what with that red coat and all.

~Aileen Ma~ said...

Bingley for me--I'm a sucker for "the nice guy"--and I mean genuinely caring, sweet, amiable and everything gentlemanly and constant in a young man.

I'd choose Darcy, the ideal man, except in real life they rarely change, and I'm definitely no carbon copy of Elizabeth =P Though I think I have her sarcastic wit, which can be too much at times...=P

Emma said...

I love Colonel Fitzwilliam. :)

nigel said...

I stand corected!

Virginia Claire over at Austen Prose comments section, reminded me that Darcy in Chapter 9 of P&P speaks of Poetry being the "food of love."

Heart-felt Apologies.
Darcy is the Man!

Lynn said...

Yeah !
Good going Bookwormans ! Nigel corrected at last and a humble apology in reply to boot...I would hope this ends his constant riducule of Mr. while it lasted to be sure ! LOL ( but I won't hold my breath )

I choose Col. Fitzwilliam (only second to Darcy) His good will, unstinting support, pleasant sense of humor and family connections make him a very worthy man for husband material !

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fitzwilliam seems a likeable and mysterious fellow. What is his story? Elizabeth and Darcy both like him very much. I would like to get to know him more.