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Saturday, June 27

Seen On the Blogosphere

Georgette Heyer is tweeting The Grand Sophy on Twitter! Follow her as the book is being released. Sample tweet: "He is the kind of odious little toad who kisses the housemaids on the stairs." Click here to read the tweets.

In addition, seen at Wimbledon: Two yummy men. Jonny Lee Miller, our future Mr. Knightley, and Jude Law.


K said...

JLM is such a darlin.. wonder if the storms hit Wimbledon as much as they hit this side of the river.. sure the new roof will make difference anyhow

toysruskid said...

Did you guys know that JLM and Jude are best buds? Jude was even his best man when he married Angelina. Don't know if he was in his recent wedding.