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Wednesday, July 1

Is the Darcy Syndrome a Truth Universally Acknowledged?

Are most women unrealistically searching for their own Mr. Darcy? Do they disqualify every nice guy who is not arrogant and surly enough to fill Mr. Darcy’s big black Hessian boots? Keira at Love Romance Passion blog asked a male friend if he thought that women obsess about Mr. Darcy. The proverbial men are from Mars women are from Pemberley debate ensued. His written response is classic. Here’s a brief excerpt.

[Y]ou women are crazy. Not all of you, just the ones who actually look for guys like this, and you let this be your idea of what romance should be. Well, that’s like me looking at an airbrushed playboy centerfold and expecting women to be D cups and enjoy football – it’s not going to happen. Mr. Darcy doesn’t exist, that’s right Virginia, there’s also no Santa Claus.

No Santa Claus? No Mr. Darcy? The world is now over as we know it.

You must have your share of the conversation at Keira’s fabulous blog, Love Romance Passion. I know that if we all wish hard enough and clap our hands, that we can bring Mr. Darcy back to life.


The rebutal is up. This Lizzy Bennet speaks her mind and refuses to settle for anything less than her Mr. Darcy. (I have to agree)

[Y]ou men need to step up your game. I’m not asking for the world, only that you act like you belong in the one of which I inhabit...

But do not ever imagine that Darcy, had he lived in the 21st century, would walk around in crumpled clothing, looking like he just got out of bed, threw on a backwards cap (which hides some greasy hair), sliding his badly-kept toes into some beat up reefs, and shower himself in cologne expecting me to swoon.

You go girl!

Oh, and by the way. You 'can' find Mr. Darcy most days hanging out on Twitter under the moniker of DarcyToYou. I know, because his advice is the highlight of my day. *sigh*

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Lynn said...

Oh, well, some men still don't get's the dream and ideal of Mr. Darcy that women long for and those attributes embodied in his character that come to light during P & P.

The fact that he's handsome and rich too are just a bonus !

Keira of LoveRomancePassion said...

Men are from Mars and women are from Pemberley Manor!

Ooo DarcyToYou is now being stalked... err followed...

Sasha rebuts the argument over at her blog:

Arti said...

I think it's more Colin Firth than Darcy that has created such an impact. In CF's new film Easy Virtue, the director has sneaked in some Darcy images too, even though the film has nothing to do with JA.

Anonymous said...

Men don't understand - women are not looking for ideality. Mr. Darcy is not a perfect person - he can be slightly rude and proud, and is not conversational enough for my personal liking. What we women adore is his passion and overall kindness of character, two overwhelming traits. We don't love him because he is perfect, we love him in spite of the fact that he is not.

If just one decent, normal fellow showed half of his initiative, most of us Darcy-lovers would quite satisfied indeed.

Sasha Muradali said...

Hi there! Just saw that you linked Pink Book!

Thank you girls so very much. I'm very glad that you found my post enjoyable :)

Best wishes,