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Saturday, August 22

Mr. Darcy – All Graphic Noveled and Such

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is being adapted into a graphic novel by writer Tony Lee and artist Cliff Richards and published by Del Rey Books and Random House in January 2010. You can read an extensive interview of writer Tony Lee and view sketches of all the main characters in the online article Excuse Me Miss, You Got ZOMBIES in my PRIDE and PREJUDICE at Newsarama.

Considering what unsympathetic art we received in the Marvel Comics version of Pride and Prejudice with the Bennet sisters looking like Gothic runway models, Cliff Richards renderings of the characters are quite elegant and stylish and show great potential. Even in these light and quick sketches you can tell immediately that he has read the book or at least watched a movie adaptation or two. This image of Fitzwilliam is quite striking, and his interpretation of Mr. Collins is exactly what I had in my minds eye. From this image of him on the right with his prigish expression, it is no wonder that Elizabeth Bennet refused his offer of marriage, and makes Charlotte’s acceptance all the more pitiable, even if she was a zombie.

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Alhana said...

But wasn't Mr. Collins supposed to be 25 years old? That man in the sketch is in his fifties -being generous!
But well, if you compare it to the Marvel Comics version, this is quite accurate. ;-)

Vic said...

Actually, Mr. Collins looks like Ben Franklin. Hope he changes his concept of the man. This won't do.

Helena said...

Love your site!
I agree with the previous comment....I think Mr.Collins looks a tad bit too old. As for Mr. Darcy, well, his sketch is quite striking. As for all this zombie talk....I still haven't gotten over the shock of the path that our beloved story is taking.