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Monday, August 17

Watch Presumption – A Documentary of the Life of Jane Austen Online

Persumption: Billed as the first comprehensive television biography of Jane Austen’s life, this 1995 BBC television production aired following the premiere of the acclaimed miniseries Pride and Prejudice in the UK. It includes many prominent Austen scholars, biographers, authors, and enthusiasts including David Nokes, Elizabeth Jenkins, Deirdre Le Faye, Nigel Nicholson, Emma Tennant, Maggy Lane, and P D James. Film clips from several of the adaptations, family residences and travel locations are also featured. I found it very interesting to put faces to the authors of many of the books in my library, and Elizabeth Jenkins author of Jane Austen: A Biography (1949) was most enjoyable. When the interviewer asks her why she never married, she sidesteps their effrontery as deftly as Jane Austen might herself.

This is part one of five. You can view the remaining four directly at Youtube complements of inmypooropinion.

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Anonymous said...

Oh no, the videos were taken down. :(

Vic said...

The entire site has been taken down. This makes me sad, for she had some great videos about Jane Austen.