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Wednesday, September 23

Dispatches from Jane Austen’s House with Bee

If you are one of the fortunate Janeites to have recently visited the Jane Austen House Museum at Chawton, in Hampshire, England, you will know that her last residence and gardens have been newly restored and are not only both beautifully maintained, but an enchanting glimpse into her home and the early 19th-century country life. Imagine being a steward of that lovely and magical home. Meet Bee of From the Desk of Bee Drunken Blog who has that exact pleasure as a volunteer of Chawton Cottgae.

One of the delights and privileges of being a "steward" to the house is opening it up before the guests arrive. Sometimes, for a few precious minutes, I am entirely alone in the house. Although Jane lived here 200 years ago, she must have risen in the morning to open the same sash windows that I do. As she looked out of her bedroom window, she must have gazed with pleasure at the greenness of her garden. As she folded back the shutters of the dining parlour windows, she must have watched, with keen interest, as the little village of Chawton came to life.

Enjoy her reminiscences and reflections on Jane Austen's house, one of the most special places in the hearts of many Jane Austen fans at her lovely blog. We applaud your spirit of volunteerism Bee, and hope that we will be privileged to many more dispatches from Chawton Cottage.

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose


ChaChaneen said...

Ooooooooooh, how lovely to have that precious time in the morning! On my way over to visit her, thanks for sharing her link.

Patricia Barraclough said...

Will have to visit Jane's house if I can ever get over to England. What a special job, being caretaker. Would be lovely to have those quiet times.

Bee said...

I just noticed your blog in my site meter. I'm so glad that I visited. I will have to vote on the best Mary Bennet of course!

I didn't mention that another great pleasure of working in the house is getting to look at the guest book. We get visitors from all of the world every day -- and lots and lots from North America. It makes me feel so happy to think of Janeites all over the world.