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Saturday, September 26

Mr. Darcy's Style Profile

Who, aside from Nigel, one of our favorite visitors, can ever tire of Mr. Darcy? Not the majority of Jane Austen lovers.

For those who crave to know more about our quintessential Regency hero, click on this link, in which Mr. Darcy shares his style preferences with the world.

For those who think Mr. Darcy exhibits feline traits, perhaps his portrayal as a cat might tickle your fancy. Click here.

Posted by Vic, Jane Austen's World


Bella said...

Allo, Vic.

In November I'll be going to a Pride and Prejudice play. The writer has revised a bit of it to let music fit in.

I've mixed feelings about this, really. On one hand, Pride and Prejudice is perfect with a cherry on top as it is. On the other, I just may enjoy seeing and hearing Mr. Darcy sing of his anguish over Miss Eliza Bennet's lack of love for him!

Could be rather entertaining!
Should I tell you how it goes?


Keira of LoveRomancePassion said...

I never wear the same cravat twice - ha! Awesome! Thanks for the laugh!

ChaChaneen said...

Mr. Darcy.... The original McDreamy! Lol

nigel said...

I think Cody will back me up on this one! but surely the link to, the Mr Darcy cat portrait, is too much surrealism?

Nonna Beach said...

Nigel...a star is born ! Funny that you're headlining in a post about Darcy !

nigel said...

Thank you Nonna Beach!

Compared to the earth treading stars who author this blog though; my glow is very dim (smiles).