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Thursday, October 22

The actor formerly known as Mr. Darcy shall be on The Jay Leno Show on Friday

Heads up Colin Firth fans. The actor formerly known as Mr. Darcy shall be appearing on The Jay Leno Show on Friday, October 23rd at 10:00 pm on NBC (checking your local listings).

Slated with no less than Mrs President (Michelle Obama) Firth will most likely discuss his award winning role in A Single Man the new movie by first time director Tom Ford which is garnering all sorts of Oscar buzz for Firth and Ford.

Keep your fingers crossed for Colin Janeites. He may have finally grown out of his tight breeches and wet shirt. Nawww!


Lisa said...

If Colin asked me, "Do this picture make me look fat?" I'm afraid I'd have to say yes. I hope it's just a bad pic...and that that mustache is gone!

Sandra Leigh said...

Poor dear. He's probably had to gain weight (and fur) for a role. Never mind. What goes up must come down. That includes Colin Firth's weight.

I was just picturing a conversation between Leno's people and the White House.

LENO: "We want Mrs. Obama to come on the show."

WH: "No,thank you. Mrs. Obama has a very busy schedule."

LENO: "Is there anything we could do to change her mind?"

WH: "Well, now that you mention it..."

Well, that's the way it would go if they were trying to get me to appear.

Arabella said...

I think he looks handsome with a beard.

giulia said...

Whether for a role or otherwise, a weight gain is no sin. Ahem. It can happen to the best of us.

He looks lovely. And this will be the only way to get me to watch that lame unfunny show. That plus lovely Michelle.


Marie Burton said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Thanks! I have to set up a reminder on my iPhone otherwise I'll forget all about it!

Nonna Beach said...

Can't think of anything clever or insightful to say...just waiting to see what Nigel writes on the subject LOL

Laurel Ann said...

LOL Nonna Beach - yes I am also all anticipation of what our resident Colin curmegeon will say too!


giulia said...

Back Saturday before we might be blown to bits by high winds later in day...did you see CF? He looked perfectly wonderful. Very awkward, though...the whole thing. Audience not getting amusing asides, etc. Oh well. Perhaps he'll be on Letterman. Do keep us posted?