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Sunday, October 25

Jane Austen Movie Throwdown

This week's throwdown offers the least pleasing images we have ever chosen for this blog, but for a good reason. The three scenes represent a huge departure from Jane Austen's novels and they are quite egregious. Oh, there are more than three instances in which script writers changed Jane's plot dramatically, but these three stick particularly in my craw. For this week's throwdown you are asked to consider:

Which script deviation from Jane Austen's novels is the most egregious?

After reading his letter, Anne Elliot runs through Bath to go after Captain Wentworth in Persuasion 2007.

In the opening scene of Sense and Sensibility 2008, Willoughby seduces Eliza and presumably gets her pregnant.

In Pride and Prejudice 1940, Lady Catherine de Bourgh gives Mr. Darcy her approval to reconcile with Elizabeth Bennet.

Which changed scene is the most egregious deviation from Jane Austen's novels?
Anne Elliot runs through Bath, Persuasion 2007
Willoughby seduces Eliza in the opening scene of Sense and Sensibility 2008
Lady Catherine de Bourgh encourages Mr. Darcy to propose to Elizabeth Bennet free polls


sandyquill said...

Whereas it is true I voted for the Lady Catherine deBourgh option being the most egregious -- it was, in that sense -- the one that most IRRITATED me was when Anne did all that running in Bath.

In my Austen class in college, we all groaned when Lady Catherine (with that incredibly distinctive voice) told Darcy Elizabeth was good for him. We groaned LOUDLY. But when Anne runs, I have to leave the room or fast forward through the scene.

Adriana Zardini said...

I can´t understand why they put Anne running away in Persuasion 2007! :)

JaneGS said...

I'm with the crowd here--Lady Cat helping Darcy and Elizabeth get together is blasphemy. Anne running in Bath is weird. The seduction really happened so I have less of a problem with this than any of the others.

Iris. said...

I actually quite like the scene when she runs away at the end! It's so romantic :)

Nonna Beach said...

Lady C approval wins hands down...when i saw thisin that 1940 version, I screamed at the TV !

Shell said...

All that running they have Anne do in Persuasion 2007 is ridiculous. I have to give that one my vote.

Mkay said...

All of the above!
(sorry, could actually vote since the option wasn't there).

And I am sure that Anne would never have run through the street, it's just not proper!

ibmiller said...

Lady Catherine. Because it has absolutely nothing at all to do with any part of the character or the book.

Anne's run - could be construed as a parallel to the narrative circle the story is completing. Willoughby's seduction actually happens in the book. Lady Catherine being in favor of Lizzy/Darcy - nope. Nope, never. Never ever.

Charleybrown said...

Oddly enough, I didn't mind Lady Catherine giving her approval. That whole version was comical to me so why not have her give her blessing? It suited the tone of that overly saccharine adaptation of P&P.

I didn't need to see the seduction scene of S&S and felt like they were stooping for ratings.

However, the running scene in Persuasion was awful. I like to watch the comical version of it on Youtube just to erase the horror of it. It almost puts me off watching it again but if I do, like sandyquill, I'll have to fastforward!

Julia Ergane said...

The last one, of course. In fact, that whole movie version was just so awful -- even with Lawrence Olivier. BTW, Aldous Huxley wrote the screenplay to that version, which shows why some authors should NEVER be permitted to adapt awnother author's work.

Anonymous said...

I voted for P&P... I haven't seen that version but the idea of Lady Catherine giving her approval is shocking! I didn't mind the seduction scene in S&S and the running in Persuasion is so silly it has me in stitches :)

Laura said...

Even when thinking of a "so good" Lady Catherine is absolutly incredible I've voted for the Anne's running through Bath because that scene is simply to bad like the hole finale of Persuasion 2007. Really awfull.