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Thursday, December 10

Comments That Are Beyond the Pale

Gentle readers,

Thank you for stopping by our blog. Jane Austen Today would not exist without you, and we thrive on your comments, which add dimension to our posts. Your thoughts and ideas, even your corrections regarding an erroneous fact, have been polite and informative and have followed the rules of blog etiquette. If we do disagree, our debates have been healthy and spirited. We, Laurel Ann and Vic, are truly fortunate to have such loyal readers.

A post that was written earlier this year received comments that went beyond the pale. The subject of this post was being stalked by a cyber troll who used abusive language and whose intent was slander. Unfortunately, we did not catch these comments when they were posted and they sat on the ether for a number of months.

Our policy is this: trolls are banned for life from this blog and their comments are removed as soon as we find them or are informed about them. We also remove reactionary comments, for they only serve to feed the trolls. We follow a 'one strike you're out' rule. No exceptions.

Here is how our regular, well-mannered readers can help us: please email us when you see a comment that you deem slanderous. This blog is for those who seek polite company. Trolls should see a psychiatrist or contact someone who cares.


Nonna Beach said...

Good policy !

It is so upsetting when you have spent your precious time on a post and some random Troll makes a bogus comment full of mean intent to ruin the fun for everyone !

Why ? We will never know but infestation can be cured by spraying those nasty Trolls to your hearts content ! LOL

meredith r. said...

i agree with Nonna Beach. blogs that allow nasty comment to remain start attracting other nasty comments, so your policy seems sound to me. i enjoy visiting your blog, btw, and the comments, especially nigel's. :)

Heather Carroll said...

Ughhhh a troll. It's almost a good thing that you didn't see it until now so as to avoid the issue.

giulia said...

Good policy. If I could be more assured of troll-free days, I would allow 'without approval' on one. Alas, some were so hideous that I had to take a comment function off completely on another blog. Apparently human rights/fundraising posts along with pretty pictures & such attracts seriously disturbed folks. Seriously, one of the worst ones was on Anne Frank's birthday. Aieee.

I always alert the bloggers I visit if I see a bizarro comment in their comment area. I add you to my list.


(love the troll spray:)

Deb said...

Can I please order a few cans of that spray?

ChaChaneen said...

Great policy laides and that can of repellent - brilliant!!

That's why I don't allow annonymous comments on my blog either.... if your going to say something - your going to have to do it with an ID. And even then we have the power to delete them... sigh... lurve it!