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Thursday, December 24

Happy Ever Afters: An Irish Comedy

Sally Hawkins and Tom Riley are two actors Jane Austen fans know well. Sally played Anne Elliot in 2007’s Persuasion and Tom Riley recently did a turn as Mr. Wickham in Lost in Austen. Both play the lead in a new Irish comedy, Happy Ever Afters’, scheduled to open after Christmas in Ireland.

The plot is goofy and improbable: Two wedding parties are double-booked and end up at the same reception venue. The bride from one wedding and groom from the other wedding realize they made a mistake in marrying their spouses as they fall for each other. Chaos ensues in what is described as an enjoyable slapstick film.

First-time director Stephen Burke chose two British actors to play Irishmen. Tom Riley described how he learned to speak with an Irish accent, which sounds like a comedy in itself:

“When I came on set the first day everyone was saying ‘Ok, that is too Dublin, nobody is going to understand you outside of Ireland’ and then there was ‘Can you sound more English?’. Now an English person doing an Irish accent trying to sound more English… well, I don’t know how successful I was. And especially because we were on a set where there are people from Galway, Cork and Northern Ireland and everyone is giving you their opinion. So I just decided to keep everything as neutral as possible and hopefully it’s ok, we’ll see how people respond.”

Learn more about the film in this article: Marrying Irish Humour & Filmmaking Talent, ‘Happy Ever Afters’ in Cinemas Dec 26

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Happy Ever Afters’ will be released in Irish cinemas on Saturday, December 26th. I can’t wait until it hits the U.S.


ChaChaneen said...

Lurve these two actors! Sounds like a good movie too .

Heather Carroll said...

My Corkish ex-bf was surprised when I understood Dustin the Turkey's Dublin accent, which I found to be quite clear. Apparently only those in Ireland think its a mess.

This sounds good, I'm so sick of these American chick flicks about girls falling in love with the lads. Maybe that's bc I know how it ends first hand ;)

Plus Tom Riley...mmm

ChaChaneen said...

came back again to wish you a Merry Christmas Vic! Have a wonderful day with your family and friends & blessings to you and your precious family!

LizzieJ said...

Have been following the production of this movie, mostly because of the talented Tom Riley. Hope it does well enough for them to open it here in the US, as well as in England, for my friends who are hoping to see it there.