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Wednesday, December 23

Jane Austen Unscripted - An Improv Play

I rather like the idea of attending a play in which the assembled cast simply spoke their parts Jane Austen style without a clue as to what would come next. The play: Jane Austen Unscripted. The setting: Impro Theatre.

"The cast (at any given performance, one will see only eight or nine of the fifteen performers) asked the audience what topic they would like to have for the play’s opening conversation. Suggestions included vampires, the weather, and shoes.. .What transpired somewhat resembled Pride and Prejudice with a touch of Mansfield Park. If you get your Jane Austen plots mixed up, you’re not alone. That’s the whole idea of this unscripted crazy show."

The show ended with almost everyone coupled up and dancing rather badly. Jane Austen Unscripted ran through December 20 with afternoon tea served for $15 between shows. Most of the theatre goers who attended saw something different from what was described in the Santa Monica Mirror review, "but still somehow the same." - Santa Monica Mirror

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ChaChaneen said...

Hmmm, sounds like fun and I'd go and have the tea too! Make a memory out of it. ha ha

Let's see, the idea I'd call out... a Christmas Ball!

Vic said...

Great Idea! The one I'd call out is a tête-à-tête with Lady Catherine de Bourgh!

Nonna Beach said...

I'd like to see a clash between Wickham, Lydia and Lady Catherine with Mr. Collins in the middle of it all !

Anonymous said...

I attended the show and the tea during its final weekend, and it was so much fun. The actors are talented...and very funny!

The play I saw was about gardening and the weather. I wrote about it here (and took a photo of the yummy tea treats as well!).