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Monday, February 1

Colin Firth: Interviewed on CBS

Here's an interview with Colin Firth on CBS's site: The Leading Man Actor Who Became Perfect Jane Austen Hero Now Generating Oscar Buzz With His Performance in "A Single Man." In part the interview says:

But he isn't the kind of guy to look too deeply into the mouth of awards (of which he's had a few) or to try to analyze his own success.

"No, I don't know what it is, certainly even less in myself, I do not know why I've been invited in," he said. "I do not know why it's worked when it's worked, and it hasn't when it hasn't. I've got some theories."
One of his theories is what he calls his "neutral" looks, a face onto which characters can be painted. "Goldilocks looks" - not too hot not too cold, a guy who's been called the thinking woman's heartthrob.

Colin met his wife Livia in a London eco-fashion shop. Livia is still heavily into eco-fashion, and is completely against disposable fashion. In her blog she discusses celebrating the classics instead of following trends. At the Golden Globe Awards she wore a vintage wedding dress (below). At the SAG awards, Livia wore a dress by ethical designer Mr Larkin (above).

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nigel said...

Mr Firth is "the thinking women's heartthrob.” Is this a miss-quote? Most women lose all reason when it comes to his “Darcy” alter-ego.

Nonna Beach said...


Only "thinking women" read Jane Austen therefore your hypothesis in incorrect...Mr. Darcy began his life in the book...Colin Firth just happened to be the lucky actor that got the miniseries that made all women "lose all reason" !