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Monday, February 1

Deconstructing Miss Emma Woodhouse: Vote today!

Who is that spoiled “troublesome creature” that we love to hate in Jane Austen’s classic novel Emma? The handsome, clever and rich Miss Woodhouse of course. Who is your favorite Emma Woodhouse, Jane Austen’s original or one of the several screen interpretations? Join in the deconstruction of Miss Emma Woodhouse and vote for your favorite Emma today at Austenprose.

What others are saying about Miss Woodhouse too!

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Nonna Beach said...

I have never hated the "Emma" character. I was amused by her matchmaking snafoos, her friendship with the sweet Harriet Smith, her lack of maturity in discovering what was really going on around her and the endearing love and care she had for her father. Where she really shines is when she redeems herself to all she has misjudged, injured or snubbed and then realizes she loves Mr. Knightley.

Laurel Ann said...

Indeed Nonna - you understand the journey that Austen takes us on and why we adore Emma Woodhouse.

Thanks for sharing.