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Friday, February 19

Follow Friday: Brooke of The Bluestocking Guide

Enjoy the “Reviews by a Partial, Prejudiced, and Ignorant Reader” by Brooke at The Bluestocking Guide, a full service blog that includes books news, insightful reviews, author interviews, essays, a discussion forum, podcasts and great giveaways!. Phew!

I am always amazed with Brooke’s incredible energy and dedication to books and her readers. She posts almost every day (often multiple times) and I can always depend on fresh news and the inside scoop on the latest new releases. She reads many genres’s but has a particular fondness for Jane Austen and the many prequels, sequels, retellings &C that she has inspired. This week she featured a review of Scones and Sensibility by Lindsay Eland that had me laughing and wanting to read this tween novel in which the 12-year old Polly is so influenced by the heroines in her favorite novels that she takes on their personas with hilarious results.

You can also follow Bluestocking on Twitter as she tweets about, you guessed it, books and more books!

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Enjoy, Laurel Ann, Austenprose


ChaChaneen said...

I often say the same thing about you LA! Wide range of topics and posting multiple times a day... thinking how do you do it?! ha ha

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Thank you for the Follow Friday!!! I saw this on technorari believe it or not. I almost spilled my coffee across my desk.

Laurel Ann said...

Thanks ChaChaneen for the complement, and you ar emost welcome Brooke. Glad It was a welcome surprise.