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Sunday, February 14

Jane Austen Movie Throwdown

PBS is showing an encore presentation of 2007's Northanger Abbey this Sunday. Check your local listing for the time, and join me on Twitter as I watch the show EST. Of the women starring in the story, who do you like most?

Naive Catherine Morland? (Felicity Jones)

Bad girl Isabella Thorpe? (Carey Mulligan - also Kitty Bennet in 2005 Pride and Prejudice)

Good girl Eleanor Tilney? (Catherine Walker)

Clothes shopper and chaperone Mrs Allen? (Sylvestra Le Touzel, also Fanny Price in Mansfield Park)

Of the women in Northanger Abbey, who do you like most?
Catherine Morland
Isabella Thorpe
Eleanor Tilney
Mrs. Allen free polls

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!!


Becky said...

what channel is it on for you? I'm on PST, but my directv search didn't produce anything.

Vic said...

PBS in the USA!

nigel said...

Most of the votes are for Catherine Morland but I think Tilney's sister deserves a larger share of the vote becuase the virtue of her character been tested and is a deliberate contrast by Austen to Moreland's innocence.

The young are beautiful for their freshness but the wisdom of experience turns one into being metaphoricaly delicious! great mariners are not made on calm seas and that is why it is Ms Tilney for me.

Nonna Beach said...

I also voted for Miss Tilney. I can't stand the actress who played Catherine...oh, but the actor who played young Mr. Tilney was very good indeed !

Nonna Beach said...

My favorite line in this production is spoken by Mr. A..."shops must be visited and money must be spent..." I love a man who has money and is generous with it !!!

Emma Hox said...

Was this on Sunday the 14th or 21st? I could not find it yesterday, but do not see it on next weeks schedule either. I will be in the Seattle area this week though, so I will check over there.