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Saturday, March 27

Jane Austen Exhibit at Winchester Cathedral Open May 1, 2010

As the bicentenary decade of Jane Austen’s success as a writer and early death approaches, a new permanent exhibition at her resting place in Winchester Cathedral opens on 10 April 2010 to unveil the life and times of the renowned author like never before. A special exhibition and supporting events come as this decade marks 200 years since Jane wrote her famous novels.

The exhibition will be supported by a mix of permanent and rolling exhibits borrowed from collections around the world. From 10 April until 20 September items from Winchester Cathedral’s and Winchester College’s archives will be on display. Some of these items have rarely, if ever, been displayed publicly before and include her burial register, first editions and fragments of Jane’s own writing.

Guided tours, specific exhibitions and talks will take visitors through her life and works to mark her legacy and set the stage for Jane’s bicentenary. Stand out events are:
  • 1 May: Special Evensong to mark Jane Austen’s life, and place in the Cathedral’s history
  • 16-18 July: Jane Austen Weekend (including Regency Dinner) which coincides with the Jane Austen Society AGM
  • 5-6 August: Outside theatre production of Pride and Prejudice
  • Extended tours which take visitors beyond the Cathedral to see Jane’s final home just beyond the Cathedral Inner Close.
The Jane Austen exhibition has been brought together by Charlotte Barnaville, the Cathedral’s Marketing Officer, and a team of specialist advisors.


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