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Sunday, March 14

Jane Austen Movie Fashion Throwdown

Gentle readers: The Sunday Throwdown series is undergoing yet another metamorphosis. You will now be asked to judge the fashions in Jane Austen adaptations! For the first Fashion Throwdown, whose fashions best define Mrs. Bennet? The 1995 film or the 2005 version? The 1995 film depicts Regency dress styles when the book was published in 1813, and the 2005 film show the styles that were popular when Jane Austen first wrote Pride and Prejudice in 1797.

Whose wardrobe did you like best? Mrs. Bennet 1995 or Mrs. Bennet 2005?

Alison Steadman dressed as Mrs. Bennet, 1995

Brenda Blethyn dressed as Mrs. Bennet, 2005

Whose wardrobe do you like most?
Alison Steadman, Pride and Prejudice 1995
Brenda Blethyn, Pride and Prejudice 2005 free polls


Charleybrown said...

Vic, I didn't realize the different years that the wardrobe was based on and never really noticed so thanks for pointing that out!

Nonna Beach said...

I prefer Regency dress. More polished and pretty.1995 version, Mrs. Bennet's attire throughout fits her place in society and her opinion of what SHE deserves !

The 2005 version is not a favorite because it seems grimy, gritty and miscast. Mrs. Bennet seems more like a sheep herder than a Mistress of a nice estate. I never pictured the Bennet household or the manner of dress as depicted there and the detours from the novel were annoying...just opinionated me !!!

nigel said...

From a male point of view I really enjoyed the costume design in Lost in Austen because it gave the viewer a contrast.

But my all time favorate were the clothes Emma Thompson wore in Sense and Sensibility.

Tracey Chandler said...

I really like the idea of voting for the favourite adaptations, being a fan of costumes in general to the point where I'm already thinking about Halloween half a year in advance! and on that note how about starting up a little competition for the best Halloween costumes "Jane Austen style" in the lead up???? Let's inject a little creativity into life! For instance, despite trying on all the best-made Halloween goodies and going crazy with life-like latex scars and what not, despite spending afternoons of trying on endless varieties of the perfect scary mask and despite marvelling over the genius of Jackson’s Thriller video at least once a month, I love the make-shift, home-made costumes much more. Ghosts dressed in white bedsheets always get my vote and tomato ketchup stains to create fake blood are even better. Seeing a ghostly Mr. Darcey would get me clicking on the site daily! Bring back those mothers who tell us that wearing a bin liner turns you into a witch! Get creative and have some fun!

Helena said...

Alison Steadman is a beautiful actress!!!